This blog began in social isolation – during the 2020 pandemic, here in Melbourne.

(Home isolation can be crowded – ours includes 3 teenagers and a dog).

For over two decades I’ve been studying, teaching and writing about higher education policy, organisation and management. Since 2005 I’ve worked mainly at the University of Melbourne as a lecturer, program leader and occasional consultant. Also at Monash University as a higher education policy adviser.

My Ph.D. (2005) studied the practice of leading change in Australian universities. It looked back to the events of the 1980s and 1990s. But since then the sector has seen further change. And now, what looks like much more to come.

Currently I’m an honorary senior fellow at the University of Melbourne, attached to the Continuing, Vocational and Educational Policy (CVEP) Research Hub.

In recent years I’ve undertaken policy and process reviews in the university sector, including to support institutional policy responses to the 2019 French Review.

You can contact me privately at

Geoff Sharrock